Ola Shofoluwe, Charlotte NC

“This year I've gone through some challenging transitions in my life. During this time, I didn't discover 3rd Eye Insight but 3rd Eye Insight discovered me. Since then, I've been so fortunate to know Coach Tony and the awesome individual that he is. Coach Tony has played an instrumental part in the direction of my life. He's not only been able to provide quality business consulting to help me re-discover my strengths and qualities, but he's been a great life coach that's helped me through a challenging career transition. I'm super grateful to have the opportunity to work closely with this incredible company that is 3rd Eye Insight, led by an awesome business and community leader that is Coach Tony Barkley." 

John A., Former Co CEO, PFS member of Citigroup

 Your presentation was outstanding and I guarantee you made an impression on everyone present. So many leaders tell of how they were affected by the speakers at an incentive trip. Know that someone out there took what you said to heart. Rick and I appreciate your willingness to give your time and energy to make a difference. That's why you are and will always be a great leader!" 

Michelle M., Hilton Head, SC

 "As an educational consultant, I have been to hundreds of workshops/seminars and listened to MANY speakers discuss leadership. I have read books and studied countless hours for my PhD in Educational Leadership trying to understand key aspects of leadership and how it works.

After meeting Coach Tony, it all came full circle. I now could see the qualities I had been only reading about come alive before me. His ability to connect with people and listen to them is phenomenal. The tips he has given me are real-world applicable and founded in the literature that I have been studying for years.

I feel so blessed to have met him and to have become one of his clients! I look forward to many more sessions to see how far my personal and professional transformation will take me!

John Q., Murfreesboro, TN

 "After enrolling as a client with 3rd Eye Insight, I quickly found out that what I registered for was bigger than I imagined. Tony has an incredible gift of leadership and an ability to identify and develop a person's strengths. To say I was skeptical about what my results would be is an understatement. But when I started seeing results after a short time in my leadership and coaching abilities within my own business team, I was convinced of this man's gifts and mission to the point that I wanted to be a part of his company. I am grateful to Tony for selecting me to be a part of his team and look forward to contributing to the mission of  3rd Eye Insight for many years to come!"  

Tyheshia M.,Savannah, GA

 "Attending coach Tony's workshop was eye opening for me. It showed me how I could be free from the way I was thinking all my life. I thought that when I moved from my family in NY I was free. The thing is I changed my environment but still had the same attitude and bad ways because I never changed my way of thinking. So I'm so grateful to coach Tony for having these workshops this was my first time being to a workshop like this and it was great. I looking forward to learning more and applying these LAWS to my life so I could be a better person for my Family." 

George "Jelly" Kelly, Lt Col (Ret), USAF, Senior Aerospace Science Instructor, NHHS AFJROTC

"Thank you first of all for your first visit, you were AWESOME ! You got rave reviews from the students.  We are looking forward to your next visit this Thursday" 

David E., Franklin, TN

"Meeting Tony was an answer to a prayer!  For the past couple of months I had been struggling with belief in myself and the direction of my passion, and it showed in my performance, production and profits within my business. I had actually been looking for a coach, I read his website and bio and emailed him. We set up our first telephone consultation and it was an instant connection!  

I've always had a passion for health and fitness and have been a Consultant and Business owner in the industry for many years. Tony has helped me harness my passion and raised my belief to go for the Gold and achieve my dreams! He has done it with very practical steps and Coaching, not with fluffy motivational talk that has no substance. He is very focused and purposeful with our sessions. He is extremely encouraging and makes himself available through out the week and encourages me to use the extra opportunity to connect with him!  

Since working with Tony I've been able to get more focused, organized and get better with my marketing strategies and closing ratios. Obviously, my client numbers are up and my profits and revenue is growing!  

I look forward to our weekly sessions, as I know the coaching he will provide will continue to help me improve. He is the boost of high octane I need. With Tony's Coaching and Business expertise as well as his encouragement, commitment, honest and straight forward work, I will continue to change my life, grow my business, accomplish my dreams, as well as change the lives of many people with my company".

Harn & Associates, Financial Services, Savannah, GA

"Over the years I have hired and work with a couple personal and business coaches to help me because I wanted to succeed in being the best I could be.

And then, for 2 months a friend of mine kept talking about this coach she was working with. During the same time frame I was seeing big changes in her personally and in her business, so I asked her if I could talk to him. During my first visit with Coach Tony there were feelings I had not felt in a long time and some I don’t believe I have ever felt. I felt excited, enthusiastic, energized, creative, and began to believe I had great things yet to happen. It was different than I had felt before. It wasn’t the surface feelings you have after a motivational speech or reading a book. It was deep in my heart, mind and soul. So I hired him! The Knowledge, Coaching and Guidance... all prospective of how to convert and change the critical areas of one’s life... spiritual, business, relationship, finances, and even physical it was all there. Coach Tony and 3rd Eye Insight has it all.

Since working with Coach Tony I have seen a tremendous difference in myself. My wife, family, friends, and business associates have also commented they have seen a difference. Equally Important I've Experienced Huge Increase in Sales, Revenue as well as Newly Trained and Licensed Associates. Results and numbers that I have not seen in many years!

 Get this, it’s only been 2 months. I can’t wait to see the changes in the next 2-3 years. I recommend the business systems and tools, the structure, and definitely the Personal Coaching from this great man. Thank you Tony for being my coach, mentor, and friend."

Blakely M., Nashville, TN


"Months prior to attending the workshop I was praying and asking for wisdom on how to become a better me. I want to be a great leader, a better business woman, and ultimately successful in network marketing. After attending the workshop I received total confirmation that if you work hard on yourself that success will follow. My prayers have been answered in great detail. To be successful in life it all starts within yourself and the desires you have to change yourself. I never truly knew or understood how powerful our mind is, our thoughts, and our attitude. Now that I fully understand I feel that my success is guaranteed and that is due to the new way of thinking that Coach Tony has taught me. Any and everything you want out of life is possible but you have to BELIEVE IT. After listening to Coach and later, after the training, reviewing my notes, I feel empowered and confident to be a better me. 

Thank you Coach!" 

Christa S., Savannah, GA

Attending the Success Workshop this past weekend was an eye opening experience. It was what I would call a paradigm shift; a radical change or shift in my thinking and belief. The Success Workshop allowed me to take a long hard look at myself, how I had been doing things, what and who I had been listening to. I realized that I had worked harder on my career rather than on myself. With this thought in mind and acting upon it, future success will follow. 

Thank you Coach Tony for being a reaper or cutter: hallowing out a path to follow so that we can glean pearls of wisdom. 

Shawna S-A., Savannah, GA

"I was Lost, but now I'm found" is exactly how I felt after attending Coach Tony's workshop. I did not know who I was or what I really wanted out of my life. I was an empty shell, an Coach filled me with life again. The sad part, I didn't know I was lost. This workshop changed my life! I'm a better Mother, Wife, Business woman, an overall person because of it. I am forever grateful to Coach! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, and being an inspiration in my life! 

Latoya W. , Nashville, TN

" 3rd Eye Insight's workshop was beyond amazing.... it was life changing. I walked into the room with the expectation of learning tid-bits of information that I could hopefully use along my way in life, but received something so much more valuable. I  recieved a shift. Shift of attitude... shift of knowledge...as well as a shift that has helped me to get my life back on track. It was inspiring to see Coach pour out his soul throughout the presentation because you could truly see a person who was performing in their God given talent. He not only taught us about ways to improve our personal life but also ways to improve our personal businesses. And he did that with a passion that is rarely seen. I definitely recommend the workshop for anyone who is beginning, going through, or coming out of their own personal pursuits of happiness. I know it was just what I needed to get thru." 

Charles O., Chemist, Savannah, GA

 "My opportunity to attend the Success Workshop hosted by 3rd Eye Insight  has been the type of instruction and guidance I’ve been looking for to unlock my door of success since arriving to this country. More anything else, money, material or otherwise the workshop has given me the tools and skills I need to enter the Networking Super highway. Coach Tony you have made a huge impact in my life. I cannot thank you enough." 

Perry G., Madison, TN

"In the past it was hard for me to accept challenges, I had the bad habit of giving up until my first coaching session with Tony. Within a short period of time I began to change my outlook on my life, my purpose and passions became clearer. 

 "After a couple months of working with Tony I thought I had enough to go on to change my life. I stopped attending my sessions and was out of touch. I then realized I still needed his help, he accepted me back as a client so I could continue my progress and growth. I've made some incredible improvements in my personal and professional life and I'm committed to continue my journey to success." 

Michael, Nashville, TN


"Prior to becoming a 3rd Eye Insight client I had many ideas and dreams but was just not quite sure how to achieve those dreams. I was a recent Vanderbilt University Business Graduate and on my way to great things in need of someone to help guide me in the right direction. After working with Tony for less than a month I had learned more than I have in years. He showed me how to set goals and then achieve them as well as how to make my strengths stronger. In the past month I have had more success in both my personal and professional life then I ever thought possible at the age of 23. Thank you Tony for what you have taught me so far and I look forward to the many things I will learn from you in the future." 

Carol, Atlanta,GA

"When I decided to get back into the work-force after eight years, Coach Tony helped me prepare for a new career. His techniques and expertise not only gave me the confidence in my new pursuit, he also encouraged me to go for the "gusto" and enjoy all three ... my life, family and career. 

Stephanie, Charlotte, NC

"Tony, you are a Leader in this era of the world, may God continue to bless you with your gift as you mentor others to their goals and dreams. Thanks again for your time and wisdom that you have sown into our lives."