Tony "Coach" Barkley - BIO


Author, Motivational Speaker,

Leadership & Sales Trainer

Tony honorably served 21 years in the United States Air Force in which 11 of those years he served in a Special Duty assignment within President Reagan’s S.D.I.O. Program stationed at the Pentagon, Washington DC. He earned his Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Position and was promoted to Master Sergeant. Tony was also awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, Joint Services Commendation Medal, Air Force Organizational Excellence Award, National Defense Service Medal, Air Force Longevity Service Award and the Office Secretary of Defense Badge/Award.

After serving in the Military, he began a career in Corporate America as an Executive Director of an Engineering Firm. At this firm he was responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the Human Resources, Accounting Department and the Development of Personnel.

During 1997, the company closed operations and Tony lost his job. He was not provided a severance package or other retirement monies to fall back on. Tony began to experience tough financial times, as a husband and father of two children. There was also a recession brewing and he could not find a job, it was then that Tony made a life changing decision. He told his wife, “We will get through this and when we do, God wants me to make it my life’s purpose and passion to teach others how to survive in their wilderness and achieve their goals and dreams. ”Shortly thereafter, Tony walked into the Financial Services Office and told the Manager, “I signed up a year ago part-time... I am now unemployed… give me a shot and I’ll go to work full time building a Successful Team and Business!”

At the time the Company was the distribution arm, marketing financial services and products for one of the most successful Financial Services Company in the world. It took a couple years for him to learn the business and how to effectively market, educate and sell the products and as well as learning how to develop, lead, train and motivate his sales team. He also had to study and test to obtain all the necessary licenses in the Financial Services field (i.e. Life and Health Insurance, Investments-Series 6, 63 and 26, Variable Annuities, Mortgage Brokers and Property/Casualty).

Tony relocated in January 2002, after accomplishing the licensing milestones. He began marketing, recruiting and developing leaders for his new team. In a new city starting from scratch with no initial market, client base or team base, he began to build a business and team that would eventually go on to become one of the top in the state and nation.

On July 4th 2002, after six months in a new city, he was promoted and inducted into the Financial Independence Council as he earned his first $100,000 (personal rolling 12 month income). During the next 3 years, he went on to develop, train and promote Five Vice Presidents and numerous Regional Managers, Division Leaders and Sales Associates within his organization. He then earned his promotion to Senior Vice President, as well as earned his Third Diamond ($380,000 Personal Income Level). 

Tony was inducted into the Field Cabinet, African American Leadership Council and inducted into the Prestigious Financial Independence Council. Tony was also honored when selected to become a key-note speaker at the company’s Recognition Convention in Boca Raton FL, Nashville TN and on the Entrepreneurial Public Network TV Station, as well as other Leadership Schools throughout the country. He was also selected to visit several organizations within the company; coaching, sharing and motivating other representatives towards their success.

After 10 years of service and success within the Network Marketing and Financial Services Industry, Coach Tony continued Coaching, Mentoring and Developing people. During the next 2 years he went on to work with other Marketing Companies, all positioned on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). While doing so he earned the highest levels of leadership within these companies.

January 2009, after 12 years of working within the Sales, Marketing & Leadership Industry, in training and coaching associates and representatives for other companies, he decided to launch Ambassadors 4 HOPE where he currently serves as the Founder and Leadership Advisor.

Tony made the commitment to his family and Inner Circle that his primary focuses will consist of coaching individuals on how to accomplish their goals and dreams based on his personal and professional experience. After many years of service to others, Tony knows what is required "Before (B4) Success" and is well seasoned, qualified and positioned to assist others on their journey.

He has gone through the struggles and sacrifices while not seeing success materialize right away. He knows that diligence and hard work mixed with great advice and wisdom from Coaches and Mentors are the Keys to Success. He serves as an Ambassador assisting those wanting more out of life.

Coach Tony is the CEO of 3rd Eye Insight, LLC. He is the author of “The 6 Laws of Success” which is featured on Amazon. The book is a solid Navigational Guide to assist people  from all walks of life who want to achieve success. Coach Tony is currently writing his second book, "Winning The Sales & Leadership Game" - 12 Keys to Leading a Champion Team & Achieving Income Goals.

Coach has been married for 20 years, to his best friend and business partner, Cherise. They have three beautiful children.

When he is not coaching and training he enjoys playing tennis, mountain bike riding, attending the theater and concerts as well as traveling where the sun is plentiful and the beach shoreline is endless.

Coach can be reached at: or for Motivational Speaking Engagements he can be reached at: