During the past 10-years, Coach Tony has received many requests from clients, associates and agents as well as from his staff and inner circle to write his first book. We are pleased to announce that Coach Tony heard their request and wrote The "6 Laws" of Success.

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There are laws that You need to know and obey when You are driving on the highways and roads, as such there are also 6 basic laws towards success that You need to know, obey and live by to ensure that You don't break them and consequently be required to pay a heavy price.

Do You...

Want to become a better you?

Want to achieve more of your goals?

Want to have a better attitude towards life? 

Want to break any bad habits?

Want to know how money truly works and build your financial house?

Want more time to do the things you like or love to do?

.... if so, this book was written for You!

It will Navigate you towards Your Purpose, Priority Passion, Peace and Prosperity!

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This book is filled with insightful and practical information on what You need to know to ensure You don't break these laws towards Your Success. Coach Tony shares life changing information from his 20 years of successful experience in Leadership, Sales, Marketing and the Financial Services Industries.

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Buy Your Copy Today to gain the Navigational tools You need to guide You towards the Exciting and Enchanting Shores of Your Purpose, Priority, Passion, Peace and Prosperity.


"My life changed the moment I purchased The 6 Laws of Success. The knowledge and wisdom that Coach is willing to share with the world makes his book a must read! There is no possible way to be anything other than successful if you STICK TO THE 6 LAWS like your life depended on it. To have such a structured and easily understandable guide at my fingertips inspired me to stop making excuses and having bad habits and to start making changes.

There is a reason Coach is a Coach,  because he has not only mastered success but did so by not giving up! If I had never purchased this book I would be breaking the law everyday because I would not have known they existed. Thank God I’m on my way to becoming a better me that will in turn bless my family and my business. I’m eagerly looking forward to reading his next book, "Winning The Sales & Leadership Game"  due for release in March 2020. Go Coach Go!"

~~Demetria Underwood

Major Announcement Coming March 2020

Coach Tony's second book,

"Winning The Sales & Leadership Game" 

12 Keys to Unlocking Your Potential and Success. 


Bishop Dr. Levi Sylvester, Th.D., Ph.D.

It is important that Coach Tony’s book “The 6 Laws of Success”, be read from front to back. 

When you educate people, you liberate them and encourage them to possibilities that their lives need to settle for nothing less than the pursuit of success. Men like Coach Tony comes along very rarely. When they do, they deserve our utmost attention.  

Reading “The 6 Laws of Success” is like having an inspiring conversation with a friend that sticks closer than a brother, Prov. 18:24

Joseph R. Timbo, Jr. President JR Timbo & Associates, LLC

 This book is a crisp voice and view to change and better your mind and soul. A new guidance system for humble prosperity. Jump in and devour the knowledge for a fulfilling life. Don't miss reading this book.!! It is simply inspiring. It is a must read. 

Kia Edwards  General Manager, Papa John’s

 Many people deny the fact that they need help due to pride or other reasons. The fact is, everyone needs guidance. Everyone needs some sort of Coaching or Consulting. All 145 pages in this book hve the information you need on how to obtain success. In my opinion, not purchasing this book could be a  mistake. In the words of Mr. Jim Rohn ”Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” This book is an opportunity to help You Excel and Exceed Now. I recommend You get Your copy!

James, Business Owner, Savannah, GA

"Are you breaking the law right now? Many of you will say no but honestly you are. To be Successful you need to learn the 6 Laws of Success. This guide will be the best investment you ever make."

Tomikia Brown-Yisrael

Now is the time to be advantageous in your success. Be available to yourself so that you can summons yourself in the greatest gift that is investing in yourself. In his witty yet experiential stories told, Coach Tony presents us with an Atlas of 6 Laws necessary to succeed.  Coach Tony gives a zeal to let each of us know you owe it to yourself to walk through your unlock door and go for the uncommon and unusual triumphal victories that has to be done by YOU. This is a must read book, I am reminded to settle my accounts because, “Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” Proverbs 24:3-4, KJV  

Thank you, Coach Tony, for sharing your journey in the 6 Laws of Success. 

Melissa Epstein

Coach Tony has generously given away his secrets to success in his book, The 6 Laws of Success.

Coach T has done a wonderful job of breaking down his rules so simplistically. The 6 Laws was a great read, with great insights and lots of great nuggets on how to move forward in life even after being knocked down. I look forward to putting Coach T’s laws into play immediately as I continue on this journey of life and as I continue setting new and exciting goals!”

Randy Moore, Platinum Director Millionaire Club Member LegalShield Durant OK

Tony, I got the book and I appreciate it so much! I know my dad is very pleased and smiling from heaven. Again thank you for your kind words for him. Tony you are a very special man. Thanks again. 

Arthur Spectrum News Raleigh NC

 Coach Tony,  

You are a huge blessing. You came into my life for a reason and at the perfect time. I’ve been restored and I have my HOPE back.  

Thanks for your dedication in serving others and this Life Changing Book. My future family will be blessed because of what is written on each page. Simply Amazing!

Jasmine Simpson Greensboro, NC

The 6 Laws of Success” by Coach Barkley, is one of the most refreshingly honest books I’ve read in my youth. Coach Tony is that voice of reasoning that will always push you to do and be MORE. He sparks a fire from within as you read not only his many successes and accomplishments, but also the constant challenges he faced leading to his ultimate victory. His transparency and knowledge he shares throughout the book, makes it a very personal and encouraging experience as you read along. My favorite part, personally, are the self reflection exercises at the end of each chapter. These exercise questions allow you to have a better understanding of your current mindset and circumstances! So, from that point forward, you can maintain that understanding by using the book as a daily reference as you strive towards your success! Absolutely inspiring.

Elizabeth C.

"This is one of the most straight forward and simple to grasp books I've read on what it takes to achieve success. Coach Tony's knowledge and colorful stories made this book a fun read. I also like the fact that there are self assessment questions at the end of each chapter. I can't wait for his next book to see what he has to share."

Saqoiya King

 "The 6 Laws of Success”, an uplifting no nonsense book that will not only help guide you on your financial path but your over all life.

Coach T speaks truth and knowledge that is motivational and educational. It makes you start to ask yourself the hard questions, makes you want to seek the answers.......even more to explore the possibilities of your abilities and true purpose in life. The most important investment you can make is in yourself, “The 6 Laws of Success” is definitely a great benefit to your personal development and self worth.

Alexandra Clinkscales

“This book is a phenomenal inspiration that can encourage people from all walks of life wanting better for themselves. Such a good read, it requires to be read more than once to fully grasp all the amazing nuggets within. What a great place to begin the investment of your personal growth and development in all aspects of your life. Currently about to reread for the third time!”

Susan T. , Greensboro, NC

"This book is a MUST read. Filled with scripture and positive quotes, the text truly puts every human life in perspective. After reading, I felt empowered to make a change in my life. With every turn of the page, I felt as if the author was speaking directly to me. The 6 Laws of Success is more than just a book; it's a game-changer. I've already begun to apply each lesson learned in my own life. This book is a catalyst for inspiration; and I'm ready to inspire." 

Michelle Hogan Military Veteran Entrepreneur

“A Exciting, Engaging and Easy to read book that is hard to put down! Most people don’t enjoy reading books, and I am one of them. The manner and flow in which Coach Tony wrote this book not to mention the life changing content is short of amazing. I find myself thinking of the stories, examples, lessons and teachings during the day. By doing so I’ve already seen major improvement towards my Goals. 

If you want to transform yourself and achieve awesome things this book is a must read!”